Andrew Wiggins on assisting Steph Curry’s record-breaking 3: ‘Something I will cherish’

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Golden State Warriors forward Andrew Wiggins became a part of history as an ideal teammate: by passing to Steph Curry for his record-breaking 3-pointer.

History will enshrine Steph Curry as the greatest 3-point shooter of all time, but the books will also have to make note of the assist from teammate Andrew Wiggins.

In the first quarter versus the New York Knicks, Curry made his 2,974th 3-point shot, breaking the all-time NBA record for career three-pointers. The Warriors went on to defeat the Knicks 105-96, and Curry finished the night with 22 total points, making five of 14 3-point shots. Curry went into the game needing two 3-point baskets, and he emerged the game an NBA legend.

Curry finally felt comfortable resting on well-deserved laurels earned through years of continued excellence, further proved by eclipsing Ray Allen‘s 18-year career record in only 13 years.

When asked if Curry can now admit that he’s the greatest shooter of all time, Curry shot up his arms triumphantly and said, “I got that, baby.”

While Curry was expected to break the record regardless, it was teammate Andrew Wiggins who passed Curry the ball for the record-winning shot.

“I saw Steph with a little bit of space and a chance to make history,” Wiggins said after the game. “To assist that basket means a lot. Something I will cherish and remember for the rest of my life.”

What makes Wiggins’ pass even more remarkable is this: Wiggins is famously known for never passing the ball in that particular play.

Andrew Wiggins makes rare pass to help Steph Curry make NBA history

After the game, both Draymond Green and Steph Curry joked about how their beloved teammate, Andrew Wiggins, is known for not passing the ball during that play.

“Wiggins never passes the ball out of that play…Never!” Green told reporters.

“We run that play a lot, and that’s the first time I think he’s ever made that pass,” Curry said.

“It’s a bucket first, but I’d seen Steph with a little bit of space,” Wiggins explained. “I had a chance to make history, so I gave it up and he made his shot.”

To reward the teammates who helped him reach this milestone, Curry gifted Green and Andre Iguodala engraved Rolex watches.

Iguodala joked around with a fundamental lesson in sportsmanship: whether emotional or material, passing does indeed have its rewards.

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