Austin Rivers whining about Warriors is proof they’re back

Denver Nuggets, Golden State Warriors

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Denver Nuggets point guard Austin Rivers reveals how he really feels about the Golden State Warriors’ success this season. 

Austin Rivers is quite candid when it comes to speaking his mind.

Described as “so real, so honest, and so authentic”, Rivers has self-scouted his play during his recent COVID quarantine, admitting that he “hasn’t been himself this season.”

Rivers also spoke his truth on how the NBA is handling the Omicron outbreak ahead of Christmas Day, as well as the “f—ing wild theories” flying around the locker room about coronavirus and vaccines.

In addition to his own performance, Rivers has also been surveying the league and contemplating how other teams are doing so far this year. When it comes to the Warriors, Rivers has already had enough — and the season is barely two months in.

“Golden State looks very solid right now,” Rivers said. “I hate to see it. I don’t like it one bit. I’m tired of that f–king team… they got a good mix of young talent, good vets… A lot of you Warriors fans was off [Andrew] Wiggins when he first signed with the Warriors, keep it 100. Last year you all was talking about ‘trade him, this and that’ now everybody is talking all highly. Come on now.”

Austin Rivers lamenting about Warriors wins proves they’re the NBA team to fear this season

Rivers’ candid remarks reveal an uncomfortable truth in sports: as much as we cherish sportsmanship and letting the best athlete win, no one seems to care for a dynasty.

When the Warriors faltered in 2019, everyone was too eager to claim that their reign of terrorizing the NBA and dominating the playoffs was over, but it merely took a hiatus. The team has been without Klay Thompson for the past two years, and although he’s not expected to return until January 2022, the team has rebuilt and rejuvenated itself while retaining its core players.

It’s not that the Golden State dynasty was ever truly dead — like every great sports dynasty, they had some off years peppered in where they were unable to sustain their success. But a dynasty is about a long reign, not a short rule, and the Warriors have the structure to keep theirs going.

Seeing the Warriors win may annoy Rivers and the rest of the NBA, but what he said rings true: it’s a squad that looks solid right now, with a good mix of young talent and vets — and, of course, an Andrew Wiggins signing that everyone seems to approve of now.

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