Andrew Wiggins? NBA Twitter ratios All-Star voting process for good reason

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Andrew Wiggins is set to be a starter for the NBA All-Star game and folks on Twitter aren’t exactly thrilled with the NBA’s voting process.

The NBA All-Star starting lineup has been announced and people online aren’t all that happy about the way this year’s lineup looks. There’s one particular player that people have gotten upset over: Andrew Wiggins.

Wiggins has been solid this year and he’s made a very strong argument to be included in the All-Star game. But, some draw issue with him being a starter.

That’s because the NBA All-Star fan vote influenced the process a bit.

NBA Twitter trashes NBA All-Star fan voting process after Andrew Wiggins named starter

The fan vote is something that draws all sorts of criticism on a fairly regular basis. It’s not uncommon for people to be upset whenever a flood of votes from fans alters the lineup for the All-Star game.

It wasn’t that long ago that Zaza Pachulia, of all players, almost ended up becoming a starter in the All-Star game thanks in large part to a swarm of fan votes supporting him.

So yeah, when a player like Wiggins (who historically draws a lot of criticism and ire from fans because of his play) makes the All-Star game and is named a starter, people are going to point to the flaws in the system.

Wiggins has been good this year but with the way he’s perceived by some NBA fans and the way his career has played out historically, it’s understandable why some are reluctant to say he should be a starter in the NBA All-Star game.

That’s especially true when considering how Wiggins isn’t always the most dominant player out there.

But, whether anyone likes it or not, Wiggins is an All-Star starter. That’s the system the NBA has in place at the moment. It’s the way the world works. And that’s what fans will have to accept with this season. Whether he’s the most qualified candidate or not doesn’t appear to matter right here, unfortunately.

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