Watch Steven Adams act as Ja Morant’s bouncer during near-fight

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Steven Adams is a large, physically imposing individual who is able to effortlessly lift other large, physically imposing individuals and move them out of the way.

Steven Adams is a big dude. At 6-foot-11 and 250 pounds, he’s a rather large guy. It’s not a surprise that he’s incredibly strong as well. And as it turns out, the 28-year-old center from New Zealand also appears to be pretty protective of his teammates. He doesn’t seem to like it when someone wants to fight one of his teammates.

So, when Memphis Grizzlies star Ja Morant and Chicago Bulls center Tony Bradley started to get in each other’s faces, it made sense that Adams would swoop in and scoop Bradley up, preventing an altercation that could have involved Morant in the process.

It’s an absolute sign to behold seeing someone as big as Bradley get picked up and carried to another destination on the court.

Twitter reacts to Steven Adams lifting Tony Bradley up, preventing fight that would potentially involve Ja Morant

Adams has a reputation for being one of the strongest guys in the NBA and things like this will definitely help reinforce that reputation. He’s not small by any means, but it still appears like he’s stronger than he actually should be. It just doesn’t make much sense at all.

Jimmy Butler sums up Adams and his strength pretty well.

Adams is a good teammate. He’s able to keep Morant from getting into a situation where he could get hurt or put him into any sort of unnecessary foul trouble. And that’s a pretty important thing to do when considering that Morant is the driving force for the Grizzlies.

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