Lakers turned down a chance to trade Russell Westbrook at deadline

Houston Rockets, Los Angeles Lakers

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Even though the Los Angeles Lakers are looking for answers and ways to improve, they declined a trade that would have moved Russell Westbrook elsewhere.

Well, it looks like one trade that would swap Russell Westbrook for a veteran, talented point guard didn’t go through. The Los Angeles Lakers actually ended up declining the opportunity.

According to a report from Chris Haynes of Yahoo Sports and TNT, the Houston Rockets reached out to the Lakers to inquire about Los Angeles’ interest in moving Westbrook to Houston. The Rockets were willing to part ways with John Wall in exchange for Westbrook and communicated that to the Lakers, according to Haynes.

However, Houston wasn’t exactly feeling charitable. The Rockets weren’t looking at making a trade easy for the Lakers. If Houston was going to lose Wall and bring Westbrook back to town, the Rockets wanted something to help their future right along with him.

The Rockets wanted a first round draft pick.

This trade would’ve worked out beautifully for Houston. The Rockets are trying to tank and build for the future. Adding a draft pick for later down the road could help towards that goal.

Los Angeles Lakers declined a trade that would have moved Russell Westbrook back to Houston Rockets

This was the perfect chance for the Lakers to actually move Westbrook for a point guard that might potentially have more upside and is well rested. That said, Wall isn’t exactly in his prime and there’s no guarantee that he’d actually be enough to help LeBron James and company turn the Lakers into a title contender this season.

On top of that, he’s got a hefty contract to consider, like a few members of the Lakers.

Los Angeles is already facing some issues because that seems to be the theme for this roster. Mortgaging more of the Lakers’ future for Wall over Westbrook just doesn’t seem to make that much sense right now.

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