NBA Reddit collects the saddest photos in NBA history

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The communities over at Reddit have an impressive ability to pull together a wide variety of content, including some very sad NBA history.

Do you like looking at photos that make you embrace sadness? Do you enjoy being one with all of your emotions and embracing a good cry every now and then? Do you want to take comfort in having the ability to experience a full range of emotions?

Well, if that’s the case and you also happen to enjoy watching professional basketball, then this Reddit thread is for you.

The thread has a wide variety of examples, including former players who could have been a part of championship efforts but instead they never panned out, for one reason or another.

There’s references to that time James Harden and the Houston Rockets absolutely choked at getting a home win over the Golden State Warriors to win Game 7 of the Western Conference Finals.

NBA history: Reddit compiles list of saddest photos the NBA has ever seen

Another such example of what can be found in the thread is the moment when media members flocked to surround Zion Williamson and totally ignored another player present for questions.

There’s also some significantly darker examples, like Reggie Lewis clutching his chest on the ground.

Just a reminder so everyone is aware, some of the photos in that thread do include very tragic and traumatic situations. Readers who are potentially concerned about situations that might adversely impact their mental state may want to avoid the thread.

There’s no shame in not looking at sad NBA photos.

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