Did Savannah James’ Instagram post just reveal LeBron James’ NBA future?

Cleveland Cavaliers, Los Angeles Lakers

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With the way the Los Angeles Lakers are struggling, would LeBron James consider leaving and returning home to the Cleveland Cavaliers (again)?

Well, it looks like Savannah James might be a little homesick for Akron, Ohio.

Savannah, the wife of LeBron James, took to Instagram to share someone’s post about Arkon as a story. It’s simple, heartfelt, and could legitimately mean absolutely nothing about her husband’s career.

Of course, there’s a slight chance that this is some sort of hint about where LeBron would like to play.

Would LeBron James leave Los Angeles Lakers for Cleveland Cavaliers?

But does this Instagram story really mean anything consequential for James’ career? Would LeBron look at heading back home to play the final few seasons out?

Uh, well, it’s hard to tell. It should be noted that there’s definitely a chance. It seems like the only place LeBron won’t consider is Orlando and the Orlando Magic can thank the COVID-19 NBA pandemic bubble for that bridge being burnt.

The NBA is a league where social media sleuths seem to thrive because of the way players (along with their families and friends) interact and share their lives with the general public. Considering all possible explanations, the Instagram post could just be a well-timed nostalgia post based off someone who enjoyed their time living in Ohio.

Of course, that’s not the fun line of thought that’s loved by the rumor mill.

It remains to be seen what LeBron will do. He seems intent on playing alongside his son. So, if you want LeBron in your city as his career is being closed out, maybe draft his son?

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