With latest win, Clippers have now dominated the Lakers for a decade

Los Angeles Clippers, Los Angeles Lakers

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The Clippers 21-point victory over the Lakers on March 3 further shapes the narrative between the crosstown Los Angeles rivals. 

Although Los Angeles basketball star and former Clippers point guard Baron Davis once hoped to bring the team their first division and conference title. The division titles came in 2013 and 2014, but the Clippers have yet to win the Western Conference.

While the conference title won’t come in 2022, the Clippers can take pride in pushing the other LA team further down in conference rankings.

The 34-31 Clippers are well ahead of the 27-35 Lakers, but they’ve also pulled ahead of their rivals in another meaningful statistic.

Over the last decade, the Clippers have beaten LAL 32-7 in rivalry games.

Clippers continue decade-long dominance over Lakers in latest win

One Lakers fan sought to add “context” to the statistic, clarifying that although the Clippers have won overwhelmingly in the last decade, the L.A. still hold more wins in their all-time record versus the Clippers.

Over 231 regular season games since 1970, the Lakers best the Clippers with 150 wins compared to 81 wins. That means that before 2012, the Lake Show had 143 wins, while the Clippers only had 49 wins.

That context shows that while L.A. are one of the NBA’s most historically dominant teams, it’s fascinating that they have lost to the Clippers in recent years—even though the Lakers won the 2020 NBA Championship, and the Clippers have yet to claim their first.

While the Clippers don’t have the historical bragging rights the Lakers have, and Los Angeles celebrities tend to prefer the latter team, Clippers Nation does have this trend going in their favor. And if this season continues to go in favor of the Clippers, they might be the reason the Lake Show are relegated to the play-ins or even miss the playoffs altogether.

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