Patrick Beverley and Karl-Anthony Towns couldn’t stop trolling Russell Westbrook

Los Angeles Lakers, Minnesota Timberwolves

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Lakers point guard Russell Westbrook says he doesn’t care about trash talk, but Timberwolves Patrick Beverly and Karl-Anthony Towns couldn’t help but talk.

The trash-talking NBA players endure beyond the confines of the game tend to cross the line, as the Russell Westbrook situation has proven in Los Angeles. Westbrook has been a mind-boggling disappointment for Lakers fans this season, with some fans even going as far to send his wife death threats for his performance.

But trash-talking on the court is always fair game, which is why Patrick Beverley and Karl-Anthony Towns had quite the time shaming Westbrook in their 20-point loss to the Timberwolves. When Westbrook lobbed a failed pass that Beverley easily intercepted and dribbled downcourt, Beverley followed up his shot attempt by reminding Westbrook that he is trash.

“That’s trash,” Beverley mouths to Westbrook. “Trash!” He then plugs his nostrils as if he smells garbage.

In the fourth quarter, Westbrook airballs a corner three as it lands in the waiting arms of Towns. Towns looks around him, gesturing as if there was a gust of wind that blew Westbrook’s shot wildly off-course.

All Westbrook could do was lean on the Lakers reputation, saying that “no one on the Timberwolves has done anything in the league to make him care about their trash-talk.”

Unable to defend his performance, that’s all Westbrook could respond with, although the Timberwolves are trending upwards as the Lakers spiral downwards.

Patrick Beverley and Karl-Anthony Towns clown Russell Westbrook in Lakers loss

Their win over the Lakers marked the Timberwolves’ ninth win in their last 10 games, putting the team at No. 7 in the Western Conference with a 41-30 record. Just two spots below them are the Lakers at No. 9 with a dismal 29-40 record.

Towns joined the NBA’s exclusive 60-point club the game before, scoring 30 points against the Lakers while Beverley got 18. Westbrook only managed 15.

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